When you come to him, that fullness comes together for you, too…not something you figure out or achieve…”  [Colossians 2:9b-10]

It’s that time again – a season to celebrate the gift of love that came so quietly, so hidden to the world and so simple to the eye of mankind. Yet it produces the hope that all men search for, the purpose for which man was born and the unlimited love that transcends the darkness.

What secret does it hold for you on a personal level?  How many times have you thought – Christmas would be wonderful if I just didn’t have to ‘relate’ or be around certain people.  Or I’m so lonely this time of year; everyone seems to have someone.  Then seek to find buried somewhere beneath the glitter and noise of Christmas the quiet presence of Jesus the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.

If the gift of the Christ Child is shared then Christmas means we fellowship with family and friends.    It’s often a time when relationships reveal broken places of past hurt or the wounds of all most forgotten conflict rise once again; so how does this tiny child help you to heal the broken places?

  1. The gift of the child is the gift of knowing you are loved – it begins as tiny as a mustard seed, but grows to create self-worth and affirmation. A self-acceptance strong enough to reach out its arms to encompass the very people who created the wound.
  2. It’s an inner strength that says I’m open to grow beyond my past and accept again this gift of love to change the old me and renew and remake my life.
  3. It reminds us of the source of life – that others are not responsible for our lives – our protection – our prosperity or our peace. This Christ who is the fullness of God has become our total self-worth, security and our solution to every negative wind that blows through our lives.

Further reading:    Colossians 2, Psalm 52