”They laid its beams and put its doors and bolts and bars in place…” [Nehemiah 3:3]

In conversation with a friend, she mentioned that whereas the last generation was called Generation X, this generation was the ‘Y’ generation.  What a wonderful thought that the young people of today would be asking the Y questions.  Why is the world at war, why are people starving in many nations, why is there so much hate in the world, why can’t people get along, why was I born, why am I here – Why doesn’t God do something!

Wisdom knows that to ask the right question means we position ourselves to discover the root of the problem and begin to process the right answer.

In our text today Nehemiah gives us some clues.  They were there to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, to protect the city, to build a defense against the enemy and to fulfill their God given destiny.  Nehemiah received the wisdom to provide the pattern to accomplish the task.  The steps he took seemed simple enough.

1) He evaluated the situation and saw the heart of the problem.   2) He purposed in his heart to partner with God.   3) He received the blueprint to accomplish the task.  4) He applied the blueprint with wisdom and made a difference.  He became the answer to the Y question.

But not alone! Every family had a purpose; every member of every family had a chore to do.  Everyone was ‘connected’ to those standing along side and each man was responsible for the whole project being completed.  One door left un-hung and the enemy would be among them, one weak wall could topple the rest.  Everyone had a purpose and an answer to his Y!

Today concentrate on your part of the building; it’s the answer to your Y.  And build with excellence, be a firm ‘connection’ for those on either side of you.  “The greatest service you can render God is to fulfill your spiritual destiny” [Oswald Chambers]

Further Reading:   Nehemiah 3; Psalm 30; Proverbs 21:1-14