Then He closed the book… sat down And the eyes of all…were fixed on Him”” [Luke 4:20]

There is only one solution to the stress and pressure of this world.  An internal knowledge that your personal life has already been written down and God Himself will perform it.  Christ is the role model for the stress free life.  He knew His life was a fulfillment of His Father’s plan and therefore guaranteed to produce the required results.

Here’s an early morning reminder, He sat down.  The statement means it is done; time to rest the task is completed.  For Jesus it meant He had fulfilled the Word of His Father.  He had arrived as the revealed Will of God; the written word penned by the prophet Isaiah [Isaiah 61] had become the Living Word it was God’s plan for the life of Jesus.

From that moment on knowing and hearing from the Father would mean …keeping their eyes fixed upon Jesus.  His life became the fulfillment of every prophetic Word that had been written.  Keep in mind this morning the prophetic Word is God’s Word and He will do it.  Your life-plan when received from Him is completed by Him.  There is ease to every enterprise and peace in every perplexity.    The word IT IS FINISHED became the power to overcome every stress and pressure packed moment for mankind.

Being at ‘ease’ is being at rest knowing that your life is in God’s hands, your destiny predetermined by Almighty God and the finish line is the same as that of Jesus Christ who having completed the task…sat down at the right hand of the Father. [Mark 16:19]