“…a time to weep…”  [Ecclesiastes 3:4a]

When we touch the heart of the Father we will always pray ‘us’ prayers.  Identifying with the needs of others brings the burden of travailing intercession—weeping is the blessing of breakthrough into spiritual dimensions,  it releases the power of prayer and brings reconciliation between man and his God.

In his book—Touch the World Through Prayer—Wesley L. Duewel gives five reasons why it’s time for the church to weep.

1).  We should weep because humanity has forsaken God!  They do not want to retain the knowledge of God [Romans 1:28] They show contempt for God’s constant kindness, tolerance and patience.  Lord, forgive our wayward race!

2).  We should weep because sin is multiplying!  Evil people are going from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.  [2 Timothy 3:13]  Lord, have mercy on our sinful race!

3).  We should weep because as a church we are too lifeless and powerless!  We can thank God for the dedicated believers in many parts of the world, and for what He is doing through them. But…we do not bring glory to God, as we should.  [2 Timothy 3:5]  Lord, revive us again!

4).  We should weep because we as God’s people are spiritually asleep.  ”Do this, understanding the present time.  The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber…The night is nearly over; the day is almost here”  [Romans 13:11-12] Lord awaken me, and stir us and the church again and again!

5).  We should weep because Christ ‘s coming is so near and our task so incomplete!  Among the conditions stated in the Scriptures as necessary to occur before our Lord returns, only one appears to be lacking.  Recently from less than 20 people I gathered 49 names of unsaved family members!  God help us to weep for the souls of our unsaved loved ones.  Lord, give us tears as we pray!

Grace is for forgiveness, not permission…but is full of mercy!

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