”…you are not your own…your were bought at a price…”  [1 Corinthians 6:19b-20a NIV]

Several years ago, I saw the movie ”Night at the Museum” –thinking it was one of those crazy scary movies I was not looking forward to it—but this was the choice of the grandson with a birthday—how could I refuse!

Much to my delight it was a comedy—and in the explosion of all the laughter some very real principles the movie became a very insightful experience.

Amidst the chaos of every type of wild beast coming alive, various tribes and peoples bent on killing each other and disorder of all kinds the only person the lead man can turn to for advice is a wax figure of President Teddy Roosevelt, who helps our hero harness the bedlam, stop a nefarious plot, and save the museum.

Sounds like life to me!  Only our God using men as His vessels of grace can bring order in the confusion of this world—uncover the devious plans of the enemy—bring peace and harmony to His Kingdom and cause the world to come and see how order and peace can be ours.

To be vessels of His grace we must first know who we are and know to whom we belong.  David Adam writing in his book ‘The Eye of The Eagle’ says it far better than I.  ”There is the beyond, which is ever reaching to us; we discover a promise of an even yet greater potential, a richness that is still opening out before us.  We see with the eye of vision even greater vistas, deeper relationships are waiting to be revealed.  So we need to become explorers, that the vision of our world and ourselves may be extended.  We need to discover the reality of our existence: to know who we are and to Whom we belong.”

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