Once more Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes…and he saw everything clearly.” [Mark 8:25]

Does life seem a blur this morning—do you rush from one thing to another and then wonder where you’ve just been.   Does ‘going with the flow’ create enmeshment rather than distinction?

To make distinction means to recognize that God doesn’t ‘melt things together’ but rather is well aware of the distinctive quality of life –Get in touch with His touch this morning and whatever measure of clarity is needed God will provide.

In the story of the blind man Jesus took his hand and led him out of town. Jesus could have healed the man on the spot but He didn’t, He chose to minister to him in private… away from the crowd.  Leading him by the hand Jesus directed his steps and became his guide—no more stumbling or tripping over stones or using his cane to clear the way.

He spat on the blind man’s eyes and there was something in the DNA that brought a measure of healing—but although he could see, more healing was needed to bring the necessary distinction.

The second touch brought revelation of how, where and why God was moving in his life.   The miracle of the blind man was not only that he could see but he could see clearly—there was distinction that revealed the purposes of God, the differences of people and the power of God in the world around him. Everyone needs renewal–everyone needs to get in touch with a second touch from Jesus…what about you?

Further Reading:  Proverbs 19:21; Mark 8:22-25

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