”…but you are a chosen generation…” [1 Peter 2:9] “

God has given each man freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and freedom to make his own way.  But that also carries with it the reality that man often chooses evil over good.  The decisions being made in the ‘land of the free’ are ludicrous, demonic and more than heretical they are absolute evil.

The world is hungry, starving for true freedom, freedom that flows from the depths of a spiritual dimension.  Freedom that speaks of things beyond what the natural eye can see, beyond the trial and tribulation of this world.  Freedom from worry, anxiety of terror, plagues, wars and rumors of wars.  Mankind is searching for a peace that is not to be found by man’s manipulations.  Canadian theologian Ronal Rolheiser said, “Spirituality is more about whether or not we can sleep at night than about whether or not we go to church”  The world is looking for a people of power, a people of purpose a people who have found and know a way of peace—

What does a generation of true freedom look like and how can we as chosen people of God, be a sign to our generation.  As I meditated and asked myself these questions the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, take courage from His word this morning.

Just keep walking, this shall be the sign.  True freedom found only in righteousness and holiness.  Be still and know I AM your God.  I am the faithful and true One—the same yesterday, today and forever—I AM—turn not to the left or the right but seek me with your whole heart, you have seen little, I will show you much, I will not hold back.  For My time is NOW!  I have made you to rest and know My love”

The wonder of being called–a chosen people of God–a God who is Sovereign over all creation–it requires us to continually search to know Him more and in the searching we become the Light that shines in these dark times. This is the mystery of being a chosen generation and hope for our children and grandchildren.

Further Reading:   ~ Jeremiah 17:7-8 ~ Proverbs 2 ~ John 8 ~

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