“These who have turned the world upside down have come here too” [Acts 17:6]

I recently heard that in one of our largest cities a church was warned if they didn’t tone down their praise music they would pay high fines, so a number of churches came together roped off the street and planned a whole day of praise!  Being bold enough to loudly proclaim the high praises of God may bring upon God’s people monetary fines from man, but great favor with God!  God’s people turn persecution into praise.

Praise is the sound of man knocking on heaven’s door, it clears the airways of every principality and power.  Praise is spiritual warfare, it unlocks the matrix of worldly thinking and releases healing for mankind.  Many Christians in the west long to see and experience the supernatural power of God, yet so many do the same thing in the same way, fearful of upsetting the status quo.  We all know the saying…you can’t keep doing what you always do and expect different results…something has to change. Thank God those in the early church were unstoppable; they were known as those who ‘turned the world upside down’.

I must testify that through all the unmitigated changes of this season of life, we have and are experiencing the supernatural power of God.   Prayers are being answered that are nothing less than miraculous.  My own health has had amazing recovery and I know a major factor is an attitude of Praise and thanksgiving.  The attitude of gratitude found in Christ alone is the power of praise.

Praise creates a platform for the Word of God to come alive and heal all man’s diseases, it destroys the work and effects of the evil one and dispels the wickedness of the world around us.   Praise is the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God and no child of God can walk in divine healing without it.  Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord!

Further Reading:  Psalm 150; Acts 16:16-34