Nor the strap of their sandals be broken” [Isaiah 5:27]

Like a mighty rushing river the sheer strength and stubbornness of the river is not thwarted, never hindered on its journey, but rather goes, around, under or through every mountain that stands it is way.

What has this to do with ‘unbroken’?  What kingdom secret is found in the words of Isaiah but this –   Only when man is broken on the anvil of life’s circumstances can the blessing of life bring forth the unbroken fountain and power of eternal life.  Wandering in the pathways of greed and excess, disobedience brought judgment to God’s people, but for those who would turn to the Lord – their sandal strap shall never be broken!

This is a promise, a treasure of darkness, written within the covenant of God.  Once repentant and broken to the things of man, God releases a life of power and peace that is unbroken.

Regardless of how or where a child of God walks the ‘straps of his sandals’ will never wear out, they will never break.  He will continue to walk his journey with the same strength and stubbornness of the river.  Nothing can hinder his way; he is made to be more than a conqueror.  Peace is the evidence of harmony with God – nothing missing, nothing broken!

Further reading:  Proverbs 5:15-18; Isaiah 5; Romans 8:12-17