But Mary stood outside the tomb crying…. ”[John 20:11a]

Grief always has a goal—death in any sphere will lead you into greater dimensions of life and the ultimate destiny of an intimate relationship with God.  Whatever season of life you are in there is always the next season.  These words written by Philip Lee Williams says much to move a heart from sphere to sphere, from death to life, from closing of the old, to open doors and new beginnings – “And yet autumn will come with its lovingly crafted death for all things, and I will inhale deeply when the cool air comes and dream of the histories that follow me into another season.”

The problem:  Mary based her thinking on what she could see.  Mary thought everything should stay the same.  Mary thought if she knew all the facts she could ‘fix’ it.  Mary didn’t know that to increase change had to take place; change that goes deeper than the pages of her daily calendar, changes that would open the door to inner chambers of her heart and there to find much deeper rest—a rest that would change her grief to glory.

The death of Jesus is more than sin solution for Salvation.  Jesus says, Mary let go of your relationship to me as your teacher—“Go instead to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.” [John 20:17]

Stop grieving over the way things used to be—step into the glorious new season of knowing Christ as your elder brother, His parent as your parent, His God as your God.

Nobody sticks closer than a brother–a parent lays down their life for a child–a God lovingly takes total control.

Further Reading:  Revelation 3 – John 20:11-18