…concerning the Valley of Vision” [Isaiah 22:1 AMP]

Here in this state of the nation address Isaiah sees the reflection of a city, a man, a family celebrating their own self-sufficiency!   They were blinded and in bondage, like the meaning of the name Elam—there was ‘hidden agenda’—they were having a party, a people caught up in worldly stuff without a thought of God’s plan.

With God in the valley of disappointment the valley becomes a valley of vision. God exposes the ‘hidden agenda’ and makes it a place of revelation to see things from a different perspective, to receive what was formerly rejected and in the receiving you are blessed beyond measure.

What once was thought of as a place called Sheba [the place of burden] suddenly becomes energized, full of hope and like the meaning of the name Eliakim—a place of strength, almighty, God raising!

Let God expose the ‘hidden agenda’—take off the blinders.  In Christ life is often a choice between the good and the best, but the best is not observable while being blinded by the good.    See with spiritual eyes this morning, yield and God will make it a valley of vision—He has a plan—a plan to bless and give you a future!

Further reading:  Jeremiah 29:11 – Isaiah 22 AMP – 1 John 2 – [name definitions taken from Strong’s concordance]

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