” Every valley shall be filled. And every mountain and hill brought low; The crooked places shall be made straight And the rough ways smooth” [Luke 3:5]

There is the sound of equalization here that one could confuse with the conformity of social reform!  In the physical realm it would be the downside of the dark-side.  However, we are children of light and as such God “…fashions their hearts individually…”  [Psalm 33:15].

Being an individual and individuality are two different things.  The God who hung the stars in place and told the moon when to shine, also ordered trillions of snowflakes each individually unique!

As those designed to shine for His glory we shine as one light, but each has its own flame. Holiness not sameness shall accomplish the balance, harmony and leveling out of all natural order.  Holiness is who God is.   When He shows up and shines through an individual each has color, shape and design unique of its own and like a prism it multiplies the glory given to Him alone.

When Jesus Christ emancipates the personality, individuality is not destroyed, it is transfigured, and the transfiguring, incalculable element is love, personal passionate devotion to Himself and to others for His sake. [Oswald Chambers]

Further reading:  Isaiah 62 – Matthew 7

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