” …the Lord… set me down in the midst of the valley…”  [Ezekiel 37:1]

In the valley—a depression, a hollow, a lowland between the uplands, a place where fog steals across the soil of your soul and desire dissolves into disappointment.

I once heard a man say—“Truth is often negative in its first appearing”—This is a good thing to remember whenever you find you have arrived in a place whose name begins with ‘dis’.  Dis is a red flag—something is about to be negated.  Just as you round the corner—complete the race—tie the knot—‘dis’ shows up and down you go!

It’s your choice—you can keep the dis and down you go or you can erase the dis, face up and grow up to your God given appointment !  Do not lose heart but hope in God–”Such hope never disappoints or deludes or shames us…”  [Romans 5:5 AMP]

You may feel like you’ve been ‘set-up’ but He has ‘set you down’ in your appointed place today not to be disappointed but to develop desire, a thirst for God.   “Mountaintops are for views and inspiration, but fruit is grown in the valleys” [Billy Graham] This is God’s appointed time and place to let your fruit grow. In the valley close by is a stream—drink deeply, your disappointment will turn to desire.

Further reading:  Psalm 1 – John 15

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