“Blessed are they whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the Lord”  [Psalm  119:1]

The thing that David expresses is a longing, a yearning in his heart to…walk the walk, to walk in His Way, to live life by God’s grace and direction—who wouldn’t desire the blessing that comes from walking the same way God walks. Moses said when you walk this way you have authority every step of the way. ”Every place where you set your foot will be yours…”  [Deuteronomy 11:24]

In the Kingdom walking is not a matter of the steps you take, walking encompasses a lifestyle and try as you might inner turmoil often affects the gait; it can never really be hidden.

Some years ago while working in the education department of a hospital part of my work was to televise those who were in the process of rehab therapy.   Week by week I would videotape their ‘walk’.  It was a tool to assist them in their healing process—watching the video and seeing where they had improved or where they needed change pushed them toward the finish line of their recovery.

In the Kingdom walking with someone is a relational attitude.  The ability to accept that we are all on a journey of recovery comes from the Grace we ourselves have received and that which God uses to heal those we walk with.

Further reading:  Exodus 23:20-22 – Ecclesiastes 5:1 –1 John 2:6-11

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