“Do you want to be well” [John 5:6b]

When our grandsons come for a visit they invariably make a ‘bee-line’ for the refrigerator or food cupboard.  They know where the provision is and they come expecting to receive…and they do!  That’s the fruit of prosperity.  Growing up in a household of six children, eating between meals was not possible, unless you went without at the next meal and snacks were scarce or nonexistent.

Circumstances squeeze the mind into ruts and restrictions that often take a lifetime to change.  Whatever our mind conceived as children becomes our perception of life and will affect our view of God.  People everywhere seem to have problems with the gospel being hand in hand with prosperity.

This place of ‘Bethesda’ [meaning the house of Grace] is a place where God waits for us to receive, yet how often do we visit and just lie or sit there waiting.  We may visit His house but our minds are still held in our childhood paradigms and we have little or no expectation.

Our four year old granddaughter is also learning the great benevolence of her heavenly Father.  Taught that to pray and ask for her needs brings a smile to God’s face, now whenever her mother asks ‘who wants to make God smile’ she is the first to clasp her hands and bow her head! [They are missionaries who gave up all material possessions, so it’s not a matter of prosperity but the Goodness of God!]

There are always ‘reasons’ for our failure to expect and this guy had his for thirty eight years—there’s no one to help me to get into the pool.  Strange but as the story goes he didn’t need any other help and he didn’t need to get into the pool.  He just needed to do what Jesus said!  “Rise, take up your bed and walk”. 

What are you waiting for this morning—whatever it is God’s Grace is sufficient to provide it—receive His Word, take hold of it and keep moving!


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