”…I see the branch of an almond tree…” [Jeremiah 1:11 NIV]

If you desire to know what God is doing, where He is moving and what season of Kingdom of growth is being revealed then – WHAT DO YOU SEE?

Those called of God have spiritual eyes; they are able to discern where and how God is moving.  The Kingdom is a place of continual ‘new beginnings’ perpetual change and glorious fruitfulness.  The Kingdom workers know the difference between building on the past rather than returning to it.  In this personal communication with Jeremiah the Lord said a second time, ‘what do you see?’  Don’t just take a glance and look the other way, look again.  Don’t just skim the surface but understand the ways of Kingdom work.  You have to grow within to increase without.  To grow down deep to reach up higher, to break down before you build up!

The almond tree is very significant – it symbolizes the ‘call’ of God on a person.   It represents the call to leadership [Numbers 17] and the royal priesthood spoken of by Peter.  “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood…” [1 Peter 2:9] They are those who are consecrated, committed and conformed to the image of Jesus Christ who is the vine that grows the branch and brings forth fruit.  [Ref. John 15:5]

Listen to what a friend has written and glean the secret of fruitfulness.  ”I can truly sense a change in me – guess it’s the deeper search you spoke about.  It seems to come on gradually, like anything meaningful, any true relationship – it doesn’t happen overnight. Of course, I still have a long way to go – but just knowing God is leading and is “making progress” with me after all these years is confirmation to me of His Everlasting Love.

What do you see…!

Further Reading:   1 Peter 2, Psalm 12; Proverbs 12

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