For in Him we live and move and have our being…” [Acts 17:28]

If we are honest our attitude is often one of expressing God as… somewhere above or perhaps even close at hand… or getting real bold, we would say He is living IN us.  However, how many of us can really express the reality that… I am living IN God? and then bear witness to what that really means.

If I am IN God all that grows or flows out of my life is the fruit of that location.  All that is a part of my life whether good or not so good, sunshine or rain is also IN God.  It means that all that God intends for my life is held in the same location, not a sweet by-and-by promise, but a perpetual reality.  Now that’s what being a Christian means.

Since we know that God is the King of this location, then the location is His Kingdom wherein we live and we are assured it is a place of righteousness, [right thinking, right speaking and right doing].  Not surprising then it is a location of peace and JOY!  It does not change with every situation and circumstance unless, of course, you move to another location.

If you decide this morning this is where you are living then let the atmosphere of JOY fill your heart and resound all throughout the day regardless of circumstances; you can count on this – the landlord will never ask you to leave!

Further reading:  Psalm 132: 14-18; John 14:1-7; Romans 14:17