My Father, who has given them to  me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand.” [John 10:29]

Whenever the disciples asked questions of Jesus He invariably answered with another question. This He did because for those who have accepted Christ the truth lies within them and the questions of Jesus probe and penetrate our hearts to release the truth that sets us free.

I often hear the Words ‘why’ from those struggling to find answers to seemingly insurmountable problems.  When those who come to the ministry to discover and develop their purpose in God–will often say–I want to know ‘why’  life is not what I had thought it would be…why, why, why!

During one of these sessions and the cry of why came forth the Holy Spirit said, “tell them ‘why’ stands  for Who Holds You.”  Suddenly words become pictures and we see ourselves held in the arms of our heavenly Father–this is our God, the one that holds us in the palm of His hand.  The cry of why has become the place of wholeness and peace regardless of the problems.

Something supernatural occurs when we  ask our Father a question and He responds with a question,  One, He reveals He is not only with us but in us to provide the answers necessary for life. Two, He affirms our value as those filled with His Spirit of wisdom.  Three, He gives a ‘life lesson’ in how to build relationships by asking questions that press each other into finding our own solutions.

When you hear the word WHY remember to respond with the question, who holds you!

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