For the past 37 years, our founder, Diane Hale has served as evangelist, mentor, trainer and consultant for church growth for many denominations. She is a Bible scholar, minister, evangelist, author, and recording artist. She writes Morning Light, a daily devotional that is distributed via the internet to many nations.

Together, with a God inspired team, Diane has been called to train and equip God’s people for works of service. Their desire is to help Christians discover and develop their purpose, plan, passion and destiny in Christ.

UBD teams are actively involved in both the church and market place of the 21st century using the following tools and training:

  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Personal & Professional Seminars
  • Spiritual Gift Assessments
  • DISC-Personality Profiles
  • Team building
  • Coaching & Mentoring

DMH helps you move through life, discovering the God of Abraham offering tools that encourage, teach and inspire you to live each day in light of the Word. Our prayer is that this web site will provide helpful articles and thoughts that communicate God’s perspective and a biblical worldview of God’s Sovereignty