“But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge”

 [2 Peter 1:5]

The reason we must add virtue to our faith is because virtue is the power necessary to perform or act upon the promises.  Power released within our hearts opens the way to deeper union with Christ—this is the meaning of growing in the grace and knowledge [ref. 2 Peter 3:18] There’s no growth without experience because experience multiplies the virtue.  This is why James said faith without works is dead.  This is why the devil and all of his demons does not want you to experience the miracles of God.  Or live by faith believing that with God all things are possible.   It is not only because you receive the miracle but because the miracle itself [when wrought by God] plunges you into deeper union with Christ. When miracles do not result in deeper union with Christ then the appearance of the miracle is deception and demands repentance.

What man calls ‘the flow’ is simply union with whatever is empowering, and unity with man is not necessarily the result of union with God.  Man often joins in union with man and although they can achieve much the result inevitably will be ‘Babel, efforts fall apart and leaves destruction in its wake.

Walk by faith today and experience the deeper union with Christ, everything else becomes a fading shadow in the presence of His glory!


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