“…the king of Israel said, to Jehoshaphat, I will disguise myself and go into battle; but you put on your robes.”  [2 Chronicles 18:29]

The contrast of prayer requests is sometimes difficult to grasp.  This morning a plea for men of the church, those proclaiming Christian faith that are caught in the bondage of pornography – husbands, brothers, sons, neighbors and church leaders.   Another request crying out for those in harm’s way by ISIS.  Men, women, boys and girls, little children being killed for their faith in Jesus Christ!

It is either deception or doubt that keeps the children of God quietly living out their lives without visible evidence or witness of who they are in Christ.  It is darkness that allows all manner of evil to warp the minds of God’s children.  Sons and daughters of God who have been called to be a witness [something visible as well as audible] to the uttermost parts of the world.   It was said to Zechariah, “…you will be mute and not able to speak …because you did not believe my words…”  [Luke 1:20]

Jehoshaphat proved this as did Ahab who disguised himself and was caught by the enemy’s arrow in his most vulnerable place.  Whereas Jehoshaphat fully dressed in his royal robes exposed his identity and was protected by God!  There is only one voice and one Gospel, a Gospel that speaks, a gospel that is a light set on a hill for all to see; herein is protection from the heart of the Father.

Further Reading:  Isaiah 34:16-17; Ephesians 6:10-18; Mathew 5:13-16