“I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one” [John 17:22]

Living in a pragmatic world is great for all the pragmatic people—those that thrive on detail—at least in the areas of practicality they shine without effort, but not all of us are of that ilk!

I am not a particularly ‘detail’ person.  Over the years I have been labeled many things one of which is a ‘lefty’ [one who thinks in concepts, vision and big-picture thinking], or erroneously thought of as one who ‘flies by the seat of their pants’ without thought or consideration.

It takes effort, determination and a great deal of focus to overcome our natural tendencies, but I have learned something about this focus and overcoming.  Trying to focus on the area of weakness creates more weakness.  Focus is centralized not on personal weakness, but on Jesus Christ and all He has given—He has given each of us His glory.

It’s not rocket science, but just a willingness to let go and be still long enough for the glory to manifest, the very gift that Christ has given and cannot and will not ever be taken away.

As He communicated with His Father, Jesus said,”As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.”  [John 17:18] So how was He sent?  First, He was sent in simplicity.  The secret to simplicity is that it hides often in the centre of complexity—the noise—the must be—should be, aught to be, the deadlines and details of this world.  It finds its resting place in the middle of what you don’t know, what you can’t do, and what for the life of you, you can’t ‘figure out’.

During this season don’t let the familiar and frenetic details steal from you the glory that is lying at the very centre, the negative edge of all man’s strength, knowledge and ability.  Step into that place of His strength and glory will shine not just around about you, but through you into the darkness of this night and level the natural playing field of natural tendencies.

Further Readings:  Colossians 1:27; Luke 2:9-10