Whatever He says to you, do it.” [John 2:5]

Obedience has so long been held as a ‘reward and punishment’ principle that just the sound of the word can sour the stomach. However, Mary, the mother of Jesus knew differently. Mary knew that if you desire to see the miracle working power of God in the ordinary circumstances of your life you need to do more than just know what Christ has said, you have to apply it, you have to do it!

In my study are many books–and I pride myself on having read them some of them more than once–but I must confess much of the knowledge is still just knowledge head stuff. I often read best sellers and think; I knew that, yes that’s so true; however I don’t have a best seller. Turning head stuff [knowledge] into real life that blesses others as well as ourselves takes ‘guts’, excuse me courage!

Courage is faith throwing its full weight on the knowledge gained.  It grits its teeth even in the face of fear or adversity and says I will persevere, I will hang tough.   One thing is for sure you will never know if just doing what He says works, unless you take the risk.  Sadly those who never experience taking a risk never experience the reality of the miraculous.

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